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5 Celebs Who Remarried Their Exes


Kobe Bryant and his wife
These celebs are saying "I do" ... again!
Kobe and Vanessa Bryant aren't the only couple who have reklindled a previously lit flame!

Keeping the love alive in any relationship can be tough. Add to that reality TV shows, concert tours, red carpet movie premieres, and the other paparazzi-driven pressures of being a Hollywood A-lister and it gets even tougher.

But as we've seen before: Hollywood relationships don't always last ... and neither do break-ups!

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Just this weekend, Lakers all-star Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa announced their decision to get back together, two years after she filed for divorce. "I am happy to say that Vanessa and I are moving on with our lives together as a family," Bryant wrote on his Facebook page. "When the show ends and the music stops, the journey is made beautiful by having that someone to share it with. Thank you all for your support and prayers!"

We're thinking, if Kobe Bryant and his wife can rekindle their romance, maybe their example (and the example set by these other celebrity couples) proves that second time's the charm!

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