10 Absolute Signs Your Relationship Won't Last


10 Absolute Signs Your Relationship Won't Last
Do you want to be the master of your happiness? Then know how to recognize bad signs.

Flowers or surprising your significant other with lunch in the middle of a work week can be so appreciated. When our loved one spontaneously goes out of their way to pick something up at the store and bring it home for us because they just had to is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It shows that our interests are being paid attention to and they care enough to indulge us from time to time. An unfortunate occurrence that happens in a failing relationship is one or both parties lose the drive to do just that. Like the person who is stingy about their money, a person who stops giving or doing these little things is withdrawing from you. If you take for granted being on the receiving end, you can't be shocked when the day arrives that it's a benefit no longer available to you. It doesn't have to be about jewelry or outlandish getaways. The greatest blessings are more often a small note of thanks or 'thinking of you'. If your partner cares, they will take the time to prove it, no matter how big or small. Something, in this sense, is ALWAYS better than nothing.



4.) Making excuses for distance, not seeing you as much


You go on lots of outings together, weeknights, weekends, out of the blue day trips. When we settle into the routine of being together often, it's a telling sign when you find your partner seeing you less and less, bit by bit. The separation begins slow. Someone wants more time with the girls or nights out with the guys. Maybe it masquerades in longer or more frequent shifts away at work. However it manifests, your partner is taking  opportunities they can to put space between you. "My friend is going through a really hard time right now and I want to be there for them," "I just need to be alone to think. It's nothing towards you, I just want a little room". Rest assured, if you're being pushed aside a LOT, especially because of someone else, it IS about you. Frequent physical absence is a passive gateway to Breakupland.


3.) Drop in Communication


By nature, men openly share very little and women love to talk about almost everything to anyone. Guys are self solvers because it's usually how they're raised, being encouraged to be tough and deal with disappointments. Ladies give and seek advice, constantly exchanging conversation among one another and sometimes, even a complete stranger who graciously lends an ear. So when a female suddenly clams up, refusing to talk over a long period of time, she may be talking to someone other than who she's with. If a man uses his gender as an excuse for never wanting to talk, there's no reason to bother trying to make him humor you. It boggles my mind that there are people who believe that openly communicating with one another within their relationship about their relationship from time to time is unnecessary. You can't just assume that the other is happy, you need to check in once in a while, see where they're at and make sure that they're still invested and good with how things are developing. When you take personal conversations out of a union altogether, you have nothing but sex to base everything on. And do memorable, long lasting partnerships survive solely on a physical connection? Of course they don't.


2.) Complaints increase

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