10 Absolute Signs Your Relationship Won't Last


10 Absolute Signs Your Relationship Won't Last
Do you want to be the master of your happiness? Then know how to recognize bad signs.

The purpose of a romantic relationship is after finding happiness with yourself, you can now share that happiness and enjoy it with someone who is just as content and secure as you are. It's not our job or obligation to be someone elses savior/hero/fixer when they happen to have major issues. I dated men who did drugs to have a tolerable personality, physically took out frustrations on me or my belongings, and who felt that knowing where I was and who I was talking to at all times did so as proof of how much they 'loved' me. These types of behaviors and proclamations couldn't be any further from the truth. If you're involved with someone who claims to need certain outrageous substances to be okay, take heed. If they get riled up over trivial issues or don't see the reasoning why you should ever have time away once in a while with friends or family, run, and run fast.



7.) Bad Sex, No PDA or lack thereof


I'm a big believer that the physical connection between a couple is the main barometer for the rest of the relationship. While the flame may dwindle a bit over time, those who are rightly matched will always find a way to keep the fire burning. When other activities start taking priority more and more over tangling in the sheets, that is never a positive sign. If anyone cuts back or refuses pda, even if it's as simple as holding hands or a spontaneous kiss, there's an underlying reason why they've puled back. The number one cause is usually symptom to them now sharing those affections with someone else. They'll start with professing to 'not being in the mood' and eventuallyyou're  finding yourselves sleeping with your backs towards each other regularly (if you're still sleeping in the same bed at all). Couples who genuinely love and care for their partners make the time and effort to express themselves verbally AND physically in and out of the bedroom. Love just cannot be hidden!


6.) The Monetary Scrooge Syndrome


Ever dated someone who works here and there or purposely remains unemployed? Maybe you're seeing someone who very well has a job but for some reason rarely or never pays for anything? This is because you've caught yourself a selfish moocher. As someone who has lived through most of their relationships with boys such as these (because Men refuse to be financially dependent on a woman and prefer to being the provider), I can tell you that it is a learned behavior that can take years to snap out of. Couples share financial responsibilities, joint expenses and luxuries. If you find yourself on the receiving end of spending more than your fair share, start questioning why that is. Why are you putting more in then they are? This tell tale sign shows lack of investment into the relationship, period. If there is no balanced give and take, then there is no relationship.


5.) Little Things are no longer a priority


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