Why The Tech World Needs More Women

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A new sexist ad demonstrates the gender equality in Silicon Valley.

In a new advertisement, the slogan "Play with my V-Spot" is splashed across a sexual image of a woman's legs. The ad is not promoting sex-related products or events as one might assume, but instead it was put out by VOCO, a voice control technology company.

Soon after the ad came out, a #NotBuyingIt campaign started by MissRepresentation.org called out the ad's blatant sexism, leading VOCO to delete its Facebook page after a swarm of comments.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Jean Kilbourne of The Daily Beast take a close look at the troubling ad coming from Silicon Valley, explaining how the lack of women in the industry will undoubtedly limit any company's potential.

See the powerful argument at The Daily Beast: VOCO’s Sexist Ad Demonstrates That the Tech Industry Badly Needs Women.

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