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A-List Links: George Clooney In Bed With Cindy Crawford


George Clooney & Cindy Crawford
Who wouldn't want him in their bed?
Plus, David Beckham strips down ... again.

New year, new couples, new drama. Can't keep up? Not to worry. Twice a week, we're here to give you all the dirt you've missed.

Need some new romantic tunes in your life? Well, lucky for you Beyonce announced via Twitter that a little band called Destiny's Child has reunited for a new album. When will "Love Songs" be available? (HaveUHeard)

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"It Could Happen." That's the tagline to the new commercial for Casamigos Tequila that includes the stunny Cindy Crawford laying in bed with the equally-sexy man candy George Clooney. You've got to see this. (TheCelebrityCafe)

Want to see more sexy photos? No shame in that! We'll take a late holiday gift any time if it comes in the form of half-naked David Beckham. Wouldn't you? (Crushable)

We told you that NeNe Leakes and her ex-husband are now getting remarried. So, how did he propose? (WetPaint)

It seems that Brandi Glainville can't stay out of ex-husband Eddie Cibrian's life. First LeAnn Rimes, now she's confronting a different mistress. (Latina)

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