Ways on How to Maintain Friendship After a Divorce


Ways on How to Maintain Friendship After a Divorce
No person with the right frame of mind wants enemies in life.

6. Forgive. To recover from depression and all hurt feelings from the divorce, learn to forgive yourself and your ex-spouse. You cannot move on with your life while carrying these heavy stones of guilt and burning hatred towards him or her. So don’t be bound to always remind yourself about the past and let go. Encourage yourself to begin a new life with new relationships, new people and new views that call for excitement.

7. Wish him/her well and mean it. As you go on separate ways, there are new roads for both of you to take. To maintain friendship, wish him/her well and maybe even ask for updates every now and then. Without judgment, simply catch up on each other’s lives and don’t offer your ego. This can either be by phone or through personal visitations. When you are used to this practice, the hurt feelings and awkward situation will naturally die out.    


Building a good relationship with your ex-spouse may be the last thing on your mind. This would be extremely helpful for your peace and your children. You are not forced to do this immediately after the divorce. But somehow when you’re ready, opt to maintain a healthy friendship to have future interactions without tension.

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