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Who Is The 'Most Wanted Man' In America?


Most Wanted Man
Who doesn't love that smile?
And we thought he got snubbed!

Bradley Cooper got the title last year, and Channing Tatum got it this year. But, hey girl, no worries! [SPOILER] is now on the cover of People magazine, not as their Sexiest Man Alive, but as "America's Most Wanted Man." He's people's sexiest choice, even if he's still not officially People's sexiest choice.

It sounds like the gorgeous star is the topic of conversation in the magazine, but there may not be an official interview. Just quotes from people like the "source" who said he's "an incredibly sweet boyfriend" to his girlfriend, and the two "get along so well because she's not needy or smothering." Director Ruben Fleischer said, "When you're with [SPOILER] you feel different. He has a magnetic quality – larger than life." An insider added, "Women love him because he's just kooky. He's definitely in touch with his childlike side."

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Plus, there's tons of gorgeous pictures.

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