How To Keep The Romance Hot When The Temperature's Cold


couple ice skating winter
Here are 7 ways to heat it up this season.

5. Explore Your Town Together.
When you try new things as a couple, you bond over those experiences and associate those places with each other from then on. Some weekend evening when the two of you want to go out but don’t want to just find a generic bar, look for some local talent to keep you two entertained together. Dr. Romance writer Tina Tessina, PhD, says couples can find fun in unexpected locations: “Search out the small theaters; college events and speakers, even high school plays and sports. The energy in these less-commercial places will inspire you and give you a lot to talk about. Talking leads to intimacy.”

6. Have Breakfast (Or Late Night Dinner) In Bed.
You don’t even need to leave the house to do something sweet (literally and figuratively) for your partner, and there’s nothing like the feeling of getting to stay in bed just a little bit longer on a cold winter’s morning. Plan one day each week when you’ll make him breakfast and another on which he can cook it for you. Both of you will not only feel well-fed, you’ll also feel cared for. It’s an easy way to start the day with a tasty, kind gesture. If you're on different morning schedules, however, you can always trade off meals and make it a late night snack instead. Either way, the thought is there and so is the food!


7. Listen To One Another.
The holidays have just ended, so we’re all just transporting ourselves back to real life after a crazy, stressful season. Work has started back up in full-force, bills are often higher because of heating costs and commute times due to weather often reduce the time spent at home. All of these conditions can make it difficult focus on things that are easily put on the back burner, like intimacy and conversation. But, as Life Transitions coach Lisa Payne says, “The truth is, the most romantic thing you can do with your partner is to give each other undivided attention.” Keeping your romance alive requires communication, so don’t forget to listen closely and pay attention to your partner.


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