How to Use the Zodiac Wisely in Your Dating Life


How to Use the Zodiac Wisely in Your Dating Life
The zodiac has some truths in relationships but it's important to know when and where to use it.

Stumped as to why you're still single? Frustrated with the nature of the relationships you've been in thus far? If you haven't already, turn to the zodiac and see how your previous lovers line up. Find out what each ex's sign is and look to see if there is a pattern. Do you somehow find yourself being attracted to (or attracting) men that share the same sign(s)? Do those signs tend to be incompatible with you? Then chances are, it's one of those signs (no pun intended) that you need to start seeking men that are astrologically better suited.

However, this doesn't mean completely stamp out any possibility of dating someone the zodiac says you don't belong with. There's nothing wrong with dating someone of an incompatible sign but if you've found that you have a bad trend doing this, it might be time to switch things up.


Don't Use the Zodiac: To Completely Plan Out Your Future

Sure, there are zodiac readings that cover the span of the year ahead but while this is fun to read, don't let it run your life. Similar to seeking out a psychic review online, the information gained while reading about your sign should be something to be mindful of, not obsessed over. Zodiac websites and articles/columns provide both brief as well as detailed information about potential things to come but don't take everything you read too literally.

Where love is concerned, it might be exciting to read that a new man is set to step into your life and that the zodiac advises you to jump right in. But common sense is still required when it comes to how you'll take that information and put it into action. There's a difference between meeting a new man and taking things slow until you feel confident to proceed to the next level and meeting a new man, declaring him your significant other and introducing him to your family.

Above all, zodiac readings should be put into perspective and incorporated smartly into what you're currently doing and use it to enhance--not run--your love life.