Celebrity Couples Who Have Turned Over a New Leaf


Celebrity Couples Who Have Turned Over a New Leaf

2. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: The relationship between Miley and Liam is nothing but a match made in heaven. The grown-up Hannah Montana star met the blue-eyed Aussie in 2009 while filming The Last Song, where they played the roles of young adults who fell in love over summer break. As it so happens, their love story transferred off the big-screen into real life… taking both the good and bad. In the movie, the couple actually breaks up, much like they way they did in 2010. The exact reason may not be known, but the two just couldn’t stay away from eachother. Cyrus and Hemsworth gave it another try in 2011. The actor popped the question to the singer earlier this year and have been engaged for nearly six months. If there was ever a sequel to “The Last Song,” this would be it!

3. Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Magro: If you’ve ever seen Jersey Shore, you know all about Sweetheart Sammi and Ronnie the Guido. The only thing their relationship was known for was extreme inconsistency and drama. Ronnie’s unfaithfulness led us to believe their relationship was practically doomed. Sammi and Ronnie’s relationship was without doubt unhealthy, opening doors to verbal and what appeared close to physical abuse. After breaking up countless times throughout multiple seasons, we all anticipated when their rocky romance would end for good. We now know the answer to that: apparently never. The couple is still together today. The good news is that they seem to actually be in a functioning relationship these days. Their love has proved strong enough to overcome their seemingly irreparable past.


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4. Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan: Audrina Patridge is known for her role on The Hills but her relationship with BMX biker Corey Bohan was displayed on her VHL reality show Audrina. Her Aussie beau was prince charming until the show revealed one of his less favorable qualities: possessiveness. Throughout the season, Audrina struggled with her controlling boyfriend who proved to also have a bit of a temper. By the end of the season, Patridge dumped Bohan with the support of her mom. But little did we know that the couple would rekindle their flame a couple months later. Since the show’s end, we haven’t heard much on their relationship besides the occasional romantic getaway or public event, but everything seems to be in the clear. They have been going steady since the summer of 2011.


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