Keep the Magic Alive


Keep the Magic Alive
A dose of daily charm to keep the magic in your relationship

Lest I forget, I'll also get my reward. Sometimes it will feel like I'm out-giving her 2:1, but I won't count and I won't care. The immediate compensation will come in the satisfaction I feel in giving, yet I'll be cultivating a deeper and more lasting bounty. As she feels my love in all its intensity, her natural response will be a profound and passionate appreciation for me as a man. With that comes a sense of veneration and dedication to seeing that I'm sated in what I yearn for... not out of outer-obligation, but out of inner-compulsion. Her ultimate desire will be my gratification. In the moments that I sense that it isn't so, I'll be tempted to absolve myself of my intentions, but instead I'll resolve to give harder - more. On the rare occasions that my effort is unrequited, I'll be unrelenting. I love her vehemently. I will charm her, daily. I cannot be alone. I'm not the only romantic man who's let the worries of life take precedence over what's truly important. And I'm not the only man who wants it back. In my mind, I'm still the gallant, chivalrous man I said I'd be on that morning I woke up with her head on my chest. You are too, if you want to be. Life just doesn't provide the opportunities, though. We need a little help. And we can be that for each other. I'm launching to be exactly that - help for husbands who realize that they must give to keep the magic. I'm providing subscribers with a simple email tip every day - a bit of daily charm - and in so doing, we're creating a database of ideas and activities that can be done with no time and no money, or with a lot of time and a lot of money. We'll have a treasure trove of tips that will speak to her in every love language. Won't you join me in DailyCharming the woman you love? Visit now to subscribe!


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