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5 Celeb Couples We Don't Want To Hear About In 2013


Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez
We've had enough of "Jelena."
We're so sick of hearing about these five couples... make room for others!

We've counted down the breakups, the makeups and the most shocking hookups of 2012. But now that 2013 is here, we're ready for some fresh faces.

Tomorrow we'll present you with the five couples we can't wait to hear more about this year, but today it's all about those five that we've had enough of!

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From breaking up and making up, to getting married, to getting pregnant, we'd like to tell these sexy star couples that we're just sick of it!

See the gallery: 5 Celeb Couples We Don't Want To Hear About In 2013 [PHOTOS]

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