Improve Your Love Life By Hitting the Road


Improve Your Love Life By Hitting the Road
Survey shows couples use road trips for "quality time" that allows them to reconnect.

Comfort is definitely a factor, agree YourTango respondents. Seventy-three percent say a car's interior affects their level of comfort on the road; 42 percent say the noises their car makes affects their driving experience; and 77 percent say an upgrade to the features of their vehicle would improve their togetherness in the car.

Additional survey findings include:

  • 56 percent say the best driving conversations focus on the present – sights, news, other drivers, followed by 19 percent who say the best discussions involve the future: marriage, kids, home buying, etc.
  • 35 percent of couples surveyed have been on eight or more road trips together
  • 68 percent describe their road trips as "fun-filled" or "relaxing"

Survey details and additional insights are available on

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