Survey Reveals What Really Makes You Irresistible


Survey Reveals What Really Makes You Irresistible
Plus: The impact of low self-esteem on relationships

"Conventional wisdom holds that attraction typically begins with physical appearances. We were thrilled to learn that what's on the inside is what matters most to both men and women," says YourTango CEO, Andrea Miller.

Additional findings:


    Perfume/fragrance is the beauty product that makes women feel the most irresistible, followed by mascara then eyeliner/eye shadow.
    66% of respondents say "compliments/affirmations" and "giving him/her your undivided attention" are the best ways to instill confidence in one's partner.
    Both genders agree that the #1 way to avoid complacency in a relationship is trying new things together. #2 for men is having sex regularly. #2 for women is small gestures such as writing love notes or doing the other's chores.
    Men consider Jennifer Aniston the "most irresistible female celebrity." Women? Angelina Jolie.

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