Singles and Couples: 5 Ways to Celebrate the New Year


Singles and Couples: 5 Ways to Celebrate the New Year

By Sarah Ribeiro for

We all have our idea of the perfect New Year’s Eve: spending the night with your loved ones, dancing the night away and counting down to midnight where you can pop champagne and share a kiss with your sweetheart. While tradition may be romantic to you, sometimes breaking that tradition can give you a unique, memorable experience that can make this the best New Year ever. Cupid spoke to some experts to find ways to celebrate the holiday and resolutions to keep through the year for both couples and singles:


1. Save your money: One of the most fun-wrecking part of the New Year holiday is having to work around your budget. Andrew Schrage, co-owner of Money Crashers Personal Finance, says your best bet this holiday is to find free entertainment options in your community on New Year’s Eve, or go out early and skip late-night cover charges. “Set a budget for yourself for the evening and stick to it,” Schrage advises, “and if you’re going out with your partner, look for budget packages that include the price of a meal, parking, and a hotel room so you won’t be tempted to drink and drive.”

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2. Don’t just go out – Go abroad: What better way to start the year off than spending the holiday in a different country with all of your friends? Marina Sbrochi, author of Stop Looking For a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life says, “A destination location is a great way for a group of singles to ring in a New Year – pick somewhere fun and do it up. Who knows? You just might meet someone great on New Years Eve.”

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