7 New Year's Eve Hair & Makeup Tips


woman applying blush
How to get the perfect glow on a cold winter's night.

4. Hydrate Your Hair
Your skin isn’t the only part of you that can look dull during the colder months. To make sure your locks are looking as lovely as ever for the special evening, use both a gentle hydrating shampoo and deep conditioner to prevent it from drying out. Then, apply a few drops of luminizing hair product such as Alterna Bamboo Silk-Sleek Brillance Cream to towel-dried hair and style normally. Keep a little travel size version in your purse for touch-ups in the event that the two of you venture outdoors and your hair winds up stressed out from the weather.

5. Drink, Drink, Drink!
Staying hydrated is integral to your heath, but it’s also so important to your beauty. It might be tempting to reach for a cup of hot coffee, but instead, opt for tea or simply water to get hydrated. Your skin will be dewy and glowing, as well as a much better surface for makeup to blend onto when it comes to going out.


6. Wear Sunscreen
UVA rays — which cause both cancer and wrinkles — are the same all year round, regardless of what the thermostat says. This is a given the rest of the year, too, but in winter, it’s especially important because many people’s skin is already prone to dryness and cracking. Sun damage can be more severe and can cause an even more unsightly appearance of redness and irritation. In particular, if you’re a winter sports lover, you need to lather it on because snow reflects quite a bit of the sun’s rays and will definitely leave you burned if you go unprotected. Trust me — this isn’t the kind of glow you want.

7. Mix Up Some Glow Lotion
Have dull-looking skin on your legs, shoulders and décolletage? Try mixing some body lotion or tinted moisturizer with a bit of highlighter. You can try either a liquid one, such as Benefit’s High Beam, or a powder version like Korres Wild Rose Mineral Illuminating Powder. Rub some along the fronts of your thighs and shins to get a sexy, long-legged look, then apply a bit onto shoulders and along the collarbone for an added shimmering draw to your center.

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