Resilience in Dating: Top 10 Tips from Dr. Margaret Paul


Resilience in Dating: Top 10 Tips from Dr. Margaret Paul
Dating has its ups and downs so it is essential to keep your emotions in check to stay positive

Is there a reason why some people can find their soulmate in 3 days after starting to date again while others experiences months or years of false starts or false positives in dating? We tend to attract people at our common level of woundedness – which means our common level of self-abandonment - or our common level of emotional health – which is our level of self-love and self-compassion. If you are emotionally abandoning yourself, then it will be far harder for you to find someone with whom you deeply connect. People tend to treat us the way we treat ourselves. The more you learn to love and value yourself, the more others will value and respect you. Practicing Inner Bonding and learning to love yourself makes it far easier to attract the person of your dreams.

Why are some men or women "friendzoned" more often than others even if there is no major difference on the surface between them in appearance and personality? Most of us react far more to energy than to appearance or personality. People who are "friendzoned" are generally people who either have a fear of intimacy and put up energetic barriers to keep people from getting romantically close to them, or they are people who control through 'niceness', which energetically gives the message that they are insecure. There is a big difference between being nice and being loving. 'Niceness' is often a form of control. Since no one likes to be controlled, others may emotionally distance from the overly nice person to avoid feeling controlled by them.

How can someone who has "impaired bonding" learn to trust their intuition in romance, especially when their gut instinct is not so good in that area? This is where the practice of Inner Bonding can be so helpful to them. By learning to inwardly bond with their own feelings and their personal source of spiritual guidance, they develop trust in their intuition – their gut instinct. The more we connect with our feelings and our inner wisdom and take the risk of following that inner wisdom, the more secure we become in trusting our inner knowing.

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