5 Resolutions That Can Help You Find “The One”


5 Resolutions That Can Help You Find “The One”

3. Resolve to be in the best shape of your life – this doesn’t just mean your physical health. “It means that if there is an area of your life that is not working, then you need to make a resolution to restore balance in that area. If you have been ignoring health issues, then you should make a resolution to go to the doctor. If your finances are a mess, then you should make a resolution to get help from an accountant,” said life coach and dating expert, Jason Weberman of North Star Coaching.

Whatever it is (and it may be more than one thing – that’s OK!), figure it out and focus on improving that area of your life so there won’t be any obstacles in your way of finding “The One” – and more importantly, having a long and healthy relationship with that person.


4. Break unsexy habits. “This should be the year that you vow not to think negative thoughts every time you step out of the shower. Set the expectation to have at least one positive thought about your body when you look in the mirror,” says founder of Pure Romance and relationship expert Patty Brisben. “As the year progresses, keep adding positive self-talk until you are completely in love with the person staring back at you.”

It’s true – confidence is hot and attracts others to you. So stop talking about how gross you feel or how you wish you were better at your job and do something about it. And then believe it.

5. Have fun. Love happens when you least expect it so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find that special someone…and don’t forget to enjoy the journey as well! Overall, it’s about knowing (and loving) yourself and then putting yourself out there so you can find someone that is not only worthy of you, but someone who is right for you and who you can have a great life with.


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