Why Should Disney Drop A Former Olympian Turned Escort?


cinderella and prince
Why Disney ditching Favor Hamilton because of her (now, not-so secret) sex life is ridiculous.

Never mind that she was an Olympic athlete. Never mind that she’s a two-time Pan American Juniors gold medalist. Or holds the most NCAA individual titles in history. Or holds the best-ever finish by a U.S. woman in the World Cross-Country Championships. Never mind the fact that she has held herself fully accountable for her actions and how they've affected her marriage — which is more than some are willing to do. Never mind that she should at least be given credit for being upfront and honest. Never mind that. She’s a hooker, right?

I’m not saying that what she did was right. I definitely don’t see her as a victim of the sex industry (and she doesn't either, by the way). After all, she is a married woman who betrayed her husband. But why is it suddenly Disney’s business who she brings into her bedroom (and whether she’s charging them for her 'services' or not)? If you dig deeply enough, you’re going to find skeletons in everyone’s love life closet.


How about we stop prying into the love lives of role models?

That's right, Disney. Judge Favor Hamilton, but go back to producing more child stars like Miley Cyrus with her pole-dancing, half-naked selfie-shots shenanigans. That's good for the kids.

Do you think we should judge our role models for their sex lives? Was Disney wrong to drop her?


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