10 Things That Should Never Happen In The Bedroom

10 Sex don'ts

Forget the dos, here's the ultimate list of sex don'ts.

You've had your first date dealbreakers or dating red flags figured out for some time now. But what about sex no-nos? Sure, you know what you'd like to happen in the bedroom, but what about the things that make you want to cut the session short? You know, those "Oh, no he didn't!" moments.

Our friends at The Stir took the liberty of addressing the strange, the bad and the ugly in the bedroom and compiled them into a fabulous list of bedroom don'ts. From calling out the wrong name to answering the phone, these are the things that should never happen during sex.

Read the full list of sex don'ts at The Stir: 10 Sex Don'ts That Should NEVER Happen in the Bedroom

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