5 Reasons Channing Tatum Will Be A Great Father


Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan-Tatum
The 'Sexiest Man Alive' is about to become Sexiest Dad Alive.

4. He's got a sensitive side.
When starring in She's the Man," Tatum opened up about the comparisons to the character Duke Orsino. "I think all jocks have a sensitive side," Tatum said. "It's just, will they show it to anybody? Will they let their guard down and stop being tough and the cool jock guy around their friends, or just relax? I don't know if it's best to say opening up, but just relax and really say what you're actually thinking, and not what you think people want to hear." In addition to his emotional roles, his sensitivity comes out through his charity work. He supports funds such as The Rainforest Foundation, Keep A Child Alive and Dizzy Feet Foundation, and he and Jenna adopted an adorable puppy!

5. He has a strong family background.
When it comes to his mother and father and his "Nana and Papa," Tatum really shows the love. He once said in an interview that his grandparents were his "roots." He explained that when he was growing up, his parents hadn't seen many movies, didn't have much money and knew nothing of Hollywood. However, he brought them on set of a movie just to show them and they loved it. Tatum is proud of his upbringing. "If it wasn’t for my mom, I just would not be here today," Channing said in an interview. "She got me through everything ... She totally saved my life. She was the cornerstone. She got me through it no matter how bad it got ... She would never let me give up. I am who I am because of the way they raised me, and I’m so happy for it. I’ve really tried to take all the good things from everyone in my life and hold onto them."


Congratulations to the happy couple!

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