6 Ways The Internet Changed Dating


How the internet affects dating
How has being connected changed your love life?

For couples, it's possible to communicate too much with all of these options. Even online you need your personal space.

4. Our Pasts Are Searchable
That questionable Halloween costume you wore in college, the wall post from your ex on your anniversary, your old LiveJournal — your online history is easily available to your guy and his friends whether you approve of it or not. Before the internet, we relied on honesty and what we heard through the grapevine about our partners' pasts. While that too could easily lead to misunderstandings, someone's poor Google search results or Facebook photos give us a lot more to read into regarding your history. From tweets to videos, he gets to see your past virtually firsthand, even if it's not a fully accurate representation.


5. Our Present Is Trackable
Should you be worried when he says he's staying in and then checks into a bar? What if you're a catholic and he then likes a Facebook status about athesism? Being able to see what someone is thinking, doing and who they're doing it with can be information-overload and easily leads to misconceptions — with new love interests and people we've dated for years. There's opportunties to read into meaningless things. Fights that never existed before the creation of the internet arise. Example: "Why is your ex girlfriend liking all your photos?" Let's face it, realtime updates can drive you crazy if you pay attention too closely.

6. Breakup Recovery Is Prolonged
When the relationship ends is your Facebook friendship over too? Out of sight, out of mind becomes a lot more difficult online. Unlike deleting his number or throwing away pictures and cards, removing him online doesn't always feel as productive. Even when we defriend, unfollow and someone off our Gchat list, there's still opportunities to look him up, reread old emails and see something he posted. A study in the Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking journal found that people who remain Facebook friends with their exes postbreakup have less negatitivity toward their former partners but have lower personal growth and a harder time moving on. 

How has the internet chanegd your love life? Do you think it makes dating better or worse?