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10 Most Shocking Hookups Of 2012


Jason Sudeikis, Mary-Kate Olsen & Wilmer Valderrama
Jason Sudeikis, Mary-Kate Olsen & Wilmer Valderrama all shocked us all with their hookups!
We saw some of the most random hookups EVER this year. And now we're gushing about them.

While we often find ourselves basking in the drama of celebrity breakups (sorry, it's hard not to!), it's actually way more fun to see which odd couples are hooking up in Hollywood!

This year, we've seen our fair share of random! It's just like finding out one of your best friends has a new guy. All the questions are presented: How did they meet? Who introduced them? I wonder what their sex life is like...

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Don't lie! We all think about it! And hey, it's fun to be surprised by the randomness of it all. Let's take a look out the craziest hookups this year!

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