What To Get Your Boyfriend For Christmas


what to get your boyfriend for christmas
"He's so hard to buy for!" Not anymore. We've handpicked gifts for nine common "types" of guys.

6. Foodie
Truffle oil. Ginger, cayenne, peanut butter ice cream. Argmanac-infused duck liver. Squid ink jumbo prawns in a bed of garlic, lime baby field greens. Your guy lives to eat and won't take "turkey on white" for an answer. Unless you can get Anthony Bourdain to take him on a vacation, let's add some punch to your flavor savor-er’s own kitchen. If your foodie loves to cook, get a him a super high-end set of knives, like Wusthof or Henckels. If he'd rather dine out, make reservations at a James Beard Award-winning restaurant.

7. Sartorialist
Some guys love American Psycho for the violence and snappy dialogue; others love it for Christian Bale's style sense and morning beauty rituals. If your guy is the latter, we got you covered. It’s likely that your clotheshorse is not a vain man but we’ll play to his vanity anyway. A pair of high-end jeans or a pretty cashmere sweater could cover him, but let’s think outside of the bolt (of fabric) and get him something he can wear everyday, like a an ultra sharp wristwatch. Try brands like Tissot, Bulova and Ingersoll


8. World traveler
You’ve heard him say, "Were we heli-skiing in Switzerland? Maybe it was cattle rustling in Patagonia? Or was it diving off the coast of Ceylon, which I will never call Sri Lanka? Whatever the case, you just have to go." Forget the children in these exotic locales that my look half like your fella, globe-trotting is all about the memories. Get your world traveler a high-end globe that he can set on his desk while he visualizes an excursion for just you two. 

9. The boyfriend who's impossible to buy for
Some men buy what they want when they want it. Some men just hate stuff. In either case, it's aggravating. I know, I'm both of those guys. Normally, I'd advocate to make a coupon book that would make the Kama Sutra blush, but you may have to tell your or his mom about it eventually. For the man who eschews material gifts, get something he can actually consume, like a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue or Chateau Mouton Rothschild — or  some Omaha Steaks!

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