New Couple Alert! Who's Russell Crowe's New Leading Lady?

Russell Crowe

Hint: she used to be married to one of the A-list musicians on last night's 12-12-12 benefit show!

Everything Russell Crowe does is intense, so why should talking to a woman be any different?

Russell and his wife of nine years, Danielle Spencer, split back in October. The two had been together for 22 years. However, sources spotted Russell, 48, getting cozy with a new woman—who you'll recognize, around 3 a.m. this past Sunday at the Greenwich Hotel. "They seemed to be in an intense flirtatious conversation," an unnamed spy told Page Six. "They looked really into each other."

They were spotted at the same spot later on Sunday, around 2 p.m. Russell is in New York filming A Winter's Tale and a production-related source told the site that she has been seen around with Russell, there as well.

Here's a hint: she used to be married to an A-list musician.

Find out who at WetPaint: New Couple Alert! Who's Russell Crowe's New Leading Lady?

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