Five Reasons to Call Off a Relationship, Engagement or Wedding


Five Reasons to Call Off a Relationship, Engagement or Wedding

3. There is a missing link: Communication between you two is good, but certain fundamental issues either have not been discussed or cannot be agreed upon. Issues, such as how many children, which religion for the kids, house chore division, where to live, where to celebrate the holidays are crucial questions to be answered in order for the relationship to last.

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4. Your parent’s aren’t on board: When parents voice that the your partner is not a good fit for you, their advice should be considered. Your parents know you better than anyone else. They love you and have your best interest at heart. Even if they may not be the best people for advice, they do have the advantage of being an outside observer and can see things you cannot.

5. You have a gut feeling: Too often, our instincts warn us to take heed and we don’t listen. If your gut is telling not to move forward, it is best to call it off and understand why. At the very least, you should temporarily call it off until the feeling passes. If your relationship is meant to be, your gut feeling will guide you to resolve whatever looming issue you may have.

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