Which 'Naughty' Celeb Received A Lap Dance From Hugh Jackman?

Hugh Jackman

...and how did his wife react?

It's official: We're now totally jealous of one sexy celeb, and not just for the reasons that we were already jealous of her for. The star dished to Entertainment Tonight that she got a lap dance from Hugh Jackman on her birthday. Mamma mia, some girls have all the luck!

"I would have preferred a little bit more," she says jokingly. "It was a birthday lap dance, yeah — it was special. Best birthday ever. It's all gonna go downhill from here, so..."

We agree. It couldn't get much better. Later on, Jackman confirmed that yes, he gave her a priceless birthday gift this year.

"It was her birthday, and I started singing very sweetly, and [SPOILER] — as Deb [Hugh's wife, Deborra-Lee Furness] knows — she looks sweet, but she's very naughty, cheeky," Hugh says.

Find out who the lucky girl was at WetPaint: Which 'Naughty' Celeb Received A Lap Dance From Hugh Jackman?

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