10 Guys To Avoid Dating


Looking for love? Then steer clear of these guys.

You know the guy you never should've dated? We all have him and may have even tried to erase him from our memory. Dating outside your type can be eye-opening, but how do you know when you're actually just choosing the wrong guy?

Some relationships are just doomed to fail from the very start and we're left beating ourselves up over not seeing the signs. From the adrenaline junkie, who avoids everyday realities, to the passionte, jealous lover, some guys are just not worth your time.

Luckily, our friends over at MSN Glo did the work for you and identified all the guys that should be wearing warning labels. 

Read about all the guys you should avoid by clicking over to 10 Relationships That Are Doomed to Fail and weigh in!

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