8 Things You Should NEVER Admit On A First Date


8 Things You Should NEVER Admit On A First Date [EXPERT]
Plus: why it's a good idea to save some of your quirks for date number two.

4. You haven't dated or had sex in a long time. If you tell him you've been out of circulation for a long time, the next question will be "Why?" And there's never a good answer. It will reflect badly on you and your value as a dateable woman.

5. You were sexually abused. Nearly one in every five women has been raped or sexually abused. This is an issue that could affect your approach to a sexual relationship and must be addressed at some point. But it is best for a man to see you as a strong woman before he sees you as a victim. This will not make you damaged goods to most men, but it is still best to keep it to yourself until a bond and deeper knowledge of each other has developed.


6. Your ex is abusive and unstable. A man may think physical abuse can change a woman's perception of all men and he also may not want to get into a situation where a crazy dude might barge in on him and get violent. Any messy breakup or divorce is not a topic to bring up on a date.

7. You get dumped a lot. Would you want to buy something six other people returned to the store because they didn't like it? Probably not. You know they were all jerks and cheaters and derelicts, but your date doesn't. Men want a woman of high value, just as you want a man of value. Don't devalue your currency with stories that won't help your situation and that he doesn't need to know.

8. You cheated. Once a cheater, always a cheater. That may or may not be true, but you don't want to plant a serious reason for him to always distrust and disbelieve you.

You are just undercutting your relationship before it really begins. If the question comes up, just look him in the eye and say, "I will never cheat on a man." It's the future tense, so it is not a lie — unless you plan on cheating.

Honesty is a good policy, but there are times when silence is the best policy. You might be a recovering alcoholic, two years out of drug rehab or had two abortions when you were young and dumb. You know who you are now and that's what counts.

You do need to reveal some things before you marry a man, but you will never get close to that kind of commitment if you don't get a boyfriend first.

Once you prove to him you are a strong and wonderful woman now, he will see you for the prize you are and be more forgiving of the mistakes you've made in the past.

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