How Is Danny DeVito Adjusting To Life Without Rhea Perlman?

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DeVito is speaking out about the split and the possible reconciliation.

Is Danny DeVito's marriage to Rhea Perlman getting sunnier?

Danny — the star of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and voice of the title character in The Lorax separated from Cheers star Rhea in October after 30 years of marriage. After, stories came to light revealing that Danny had reportedly had a wandering eye for years and cheated on Rhea by having sex in a limo with an extra from one of his films in the early '90s.

However, rumors that the two were patching things up started a few weeks ago when they were spotted at an airport together. So, what did he say when asked about the adjustment to single life? Well, he's not totally over his ex, yet.

Find out what he said at WetPaint: How Is Danny DeVito Adjusting To Life Without Rhea Perlman?

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