Celebrity Couples Who Are Always On the Go


 Celebrity Couples Who Are Always On the Go

By Jessica Nappi for CupidsPulse.com

With all the riches that come with being a celebrity, it’s easy to travel and hop from place to place. But they also have hectic schedules. From movie-making to appearances to product promotion, celebrities always have somewhere to go and somewhere to be. When two celebrities hook up making a celebrity power couple, the paparazzi catches them running around all the more. Although most superstars are constantly on the go, here are the celebrity couples that can really just never stay in one place:


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1. The Brangelina Bunch: A life between two A-listers calls for lots of time on the road, or the air. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie both have movies to make and promote while simultaneously caring for their six kids which means very little time to relax and a whole lot of time running around. The celebrity power couple is often seen separated from each other with the entire brood of children because one must fill the role of care taker while the other works. But when they are seen together, whether on a Red Carpet or on a date to the museum, they never stay in one place. They don’t even have a singular permanent home having estates in France, California and New Orleans, Louisiana amongst other places.

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