Navigating the Commitment Game


Starting over, post-divorce

When I rejoined the ranks of singles at the age of 38 due to divorce, I turned to internet dating. I was astonished to find that options that I had thought would be unavailable were being offered on a silver platter. Want a marriage-minded guy? There’s a site for that. Want a large family? Need someone who shares your love of Worlds of Warcraft? Ditto.

And I discovered something interesting. When I first dated in my mid 20’s, it was a given that the women were looking to settle down, to start families. The guys I dated in my 20’s were looking to move ahead in their careers, upgrade their cars and have a good time. This time around, it was the opposite. There were scores of men, to paraphrase Beyonce, lining up to put a ring on it.

I was amazed to read profile after profile that said the man in question was looking for someone to: Read more -


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