Top 10 Dating Tips for Independent Women


Top 10 Dating Tips for Independent Women
How to date successfully as an independent woman in today’s society

Attend alumni events, gyms, charitable functions and business networking functions.

8. Get rid of the laundry list – It is so easy to look at someone and discard them for some frivolous reason. It is instinct to look at what we don’t like in someone before we look at what we do like in them. For example, unless you are short I am sure you have somewhere in your past have passed over someone because of their height. In a very small percentage of relationships is the man shorter than the women. That is a fact but height is a silly reason not to be interested in someone. Make a list of the top 5 things you don’t want in a man to use as a guide and watch your possibilities grow.


9. Deal with your issues – I am sure we have issues to deal with but getting rid of them is the best solution before entering a relationship. Baggage is guaranteed but if you are struggling with baggage that can be dealt with then take care of it. If your credit is maxed, get a plan to get out of debt. If you’re unhappy in your job, find a new one. If you are overweight, go on a healthy diet. Unloading the stressors in your life will make you more confident and attractive as a partner.

10. Be honest – Trust is readily given at first but it only takes a small lie to erode that trust forever. Trying to hide your true self is not the goal but unveiling it in little containable packages at a time is better than putting it all out there and scaring someone off. Give them the opportunity to see both your successful and nurturing sides but don’t lie about who you are.

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