10 Reasons Women Stay in Bad Relationships


10 Reasons Women Stay in Bad Relationships

By Jennifer Harrington for CupidsPulse.com

Everyone knows the oldies song that proclaims “breaking up is hard to do”, but do you ever wonder why some women stay in bad relationships, rather than breaking up and starting over? Look no further than Hollywood to identify some of the most common reasons women don’t kiss Mr. Wrong goodbye:


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1. She fears being single. Esquire Magazine’s 2011 Sexiest Woman Alive, Rihanna, has publicly admitted she hates the single life and it’s "overrated". She’s made it no secret that she’s looking for that special guy to share her life with. While Rihanna may claim she is not enjoying her time unattached, after her disastrous relationship with Chris Brown, it seems she is taking some time out of the dating game to have fun and heal.

2. She doesn’t want to face the stigma of divorce. After being married for two decades, there’s no question that Robyn Gibson knew about some of the problems her husband, Mel Gibson, was facing. Mel has notably dealt with alcohol abuse, an arrest for driving under the influence, and publicized racist remarks. Despite all of these warning signs, Robyn stood by her man until 2006 when they filed for divorce. Knowing what Mel put her through, one can only wonder if she stayed with him so long because for the sake of their seven children and their strong Catholic faith, which discourages divorce.

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