Holidays + Airport Travel: Yikes!


Traveling during the holidays can be a special kind of headache. Here's how to lessen it

Aaaargh! Airport travel can be such a pain…all in the name of keeping us safe. When the 9/11 Terrorist Attack first hit, I had to travel the following week for business. I remember thinking: ”I don’t care what rules the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) comes up with; I’ll do anything they want, as long as it keeps us safe.” And I meant it.

But here we are 10+ years later and when I think of going through an airport security line, my eyes glaze over. Of course, I still want us all to be safe, but I can’t help but think, sometimes, that successfully passing through security unscathed (unsearched, un-patted-down) is more of a challenge than it needs to be.

At many airports, we now have the choice of being felt up or posing for a semi-pornographic pic. I exaggerate, but that’s the kind of language used by some people who protest these procedures. I actually don’t think it’s that bad… but then, I’ve been accused of having mildly exhibitionist tendencies.
The Basics are pretty much the same at all U.S. airports: Read more:


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