Three Steps to Stress Free Holiday Dating


Three Steps to Stress Free Holiday Dating

By Dr. Tranquility – Lydia Belton, PhD, Ct. H.A. for

November is a great time to nail down all of your holiday plans, especially if you’re in a newer relationship, like Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. Will you spend these special days together? If so, where? If you have been together for a while, like Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell, will you be with family? If so, which one and on which holiday? These seem like very simple decisions, but it they can make for some serious arguments if not addressed and handled properly. Before you get overwhelmed with too many questions, here are three easy ways to keep your relationship stress-free during the holidays:


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Step 1: Meeting the family. Family can be stressful under the best of circumstances for all of us, especially during the holidays. One key to your relationship surviving is being respectful and supportive of each other while spending time with each other’s family. Remember, you are potentially starting a life together. Thus, these people may remain in your life for quite a long time. The good news is that holidays are technically only three days out of the year; so it’s time to buck up, babes, and have fun!

Step 2: Healthy Boundaries. The holidays are a time to be social and celebrate, especially when it comes to New Year’s Eve. Before entering this time together, it is a good idea to set up behavioral boundaries and be clear about what exactly that means. This time of year, more than any other, is when "champagne” tends to flow, making it easier for tempers to flare. Therefore, strong healthy boundaries and an open dialogue are vital for tranquility.

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