Thanksgiving with


Thanksgiving with
Soulmate Love to be grateful for. How it looks. What it sounds like. Why we all deserve it.

6. That you command any room, situation, or problem.

7. Your ability to provide your half of this relationship.


8. The fact that every thing you do is adorable to me.

9. The way that you can act like the 29 year old professional that you are, but that you can also act like you are 5 years old when the time is right.

10. The fact that every single day since we met 3 years ago you have made me smile.


Happy Thanksgiving! For all the soulmates together this song is for you: Bon Jovi's "Thank You for Loving Me!"

To all the singles yet to meet their soulmate, this song is for you: Michael Buble's "Just Haven't Met You Yet". (BUT .... we will soon!)

You never know ladies. Next year at this time you may have a different last name! For a boost to stay in faith that you'll find someone to dedicate the Bon Jovi song to, check out Matthew Hussey (real life Hitch) and Debi Berndt's "Let Love In" meditations.

BONUS: For those who have some heartbreak, take heart, your soulmate will sing this Westlife song to you: "You Must Have Had A Broken Heart".

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