Leaving Your Mark: Stars Who Profess Their Love with Tattoos


Leaving Your Mark: Stars Who Profess Their Love with Tattoos

By Nic Baird CupidsPulse.com

The rich and famous get tattoos for the same reasons as anyone else, and at least at its core, it’s about self-expression and an unchanging reminder in a changing life. A celebrity’s brand is their image, and that’s often something to consider when deciding between Mike Tyson’s tribal face design or Drew Barrymore’s navel butterfly. While we common folk might get a little attention for a bold new tat, it doesn’t compare to the buzz created by new celebrity ink. Here are some of the reasons celebrities get tattoos. For the most part, they’re not that different from anyone else.


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1. Self-Expression, Individualism, Look-At-Me: Maybe our expectations of rock stars like Amy Winehouse push artists to mark themselves as such. Music superstars seem like credible artists with some eye-catching body art. Rock Of Love 2 runner-up, Daisy de la Hoya was a human canvas. Her iconic three quarter sleeve led to her own dating spin-off show, and attracted the attention of heavily painted rocker Tommy Lee. The bottom line is that whether it’s for the fans or for themselves, real rock stars get ink.

2. I’ve changed: For example, Miley Cyrus went under the needle again last month to get a Teddy Roosevelt quote on her wrist. She may be trying to remind us that she isn’t 14-year-old Hannah Montana anymore, but instead a more serious, or at least more tattooed, adult artist. Actress Angelina Jolie, who seems to be the lead celebrity spokesperson for tattoos, described them to USA Today as “something permanent when you've made a self-discovery, or something you've come to a conclusion about.” Just as a serial killer might etch the names of victims into his skin, you can record important life events by marking the occasion on your body. Jolie takes this to a whole new level.

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