Johnny Depp Admits He's In Love ... But Who's His Leading Lady?


Johnny Depp
Sorry ladies, Jack Sparrow has found love!

It seems that Johnny Depp is "mad" about a certain gorgeous actress.

The two met on the set of a hit film, and rumors started circulating of their romance in June, shortly after Johnny split from longtime love Vanessa Paradis. The two apparently cooled off a bit in July, but they're now back on and hotter than ever. In fact, Johnny has told the sexy actress that he loves her. (What — us, jealous?)

"They were flirty and engaged," says an onlooker who spotted them together at AV Nightclub earlier this month. And at a Gucci party in October, she was apparently "telling people they were officially together." We don't blame her — if we were dating Johnny Depp, we'd want to spread it around, too! I'd be screaming it from mountains!

Find out who Johnny Depp is dating at WetPaint: Johnny Depp Admits He's In Love ... But Who's His Leading Lady?

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