The Black Friday Survival Guide For Couples


black friday shopping
Don't let crowds, chaos and a crack-of-dawn wakeup call derail your relationship.

6. Divide and conquer.  Separate if necessary to accomplish your goal and establish a set a meeting place where you can come back together. Send him to the electronics department (or in the direction of the jewelry in case he needs a hint) while you hit the childrens or home goods section. Secure your place in line while he grabs the gifts. Or, if he's not too keen on shopping, assign him a specific item to find and send him on his way.

7. Do something sweet. Treat your partner to a little surprise, like a candy bar from the check out lane or a Blu-Ray DVD to watch together later, to remind him or her just how much you love them. Remember to say, "Thank you for going into Black Friday battle with me." Gratitude goes a long way, especially on Thanksgiving.


8. Feed the hungry heart. If you're spending all night and morning in line, pack your partner's favorite snack or make a killer Thanksgiving leftover sandwich to share. Better yet, why not reward yourslves with a special breakfast at the local diner to celebrate your shopping successes? You can bond over the hungry man's breakfast of crispy bacon, eggs and buttermilk pancakes and laugh about what you just went through - together.   

9. Know when to give up. If you feel the need to snap at your partner or you're having a mud-slinging blowout in the middle of Toys R Us, stop and ask yourself, is this really worth arguing over? Do I really want to behave this way? The answer is probably no. If you're still butting heads, call it a night (or day) and go home. Remember, there's always Cyber Monday, where you can shop online for even more great holiday deals alone - and spare your relationship. 

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