Be Grateful for Goodbyes


Be Grateful for Goodbyes
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, its also a time to be grateful for what you don't have in your life.

Famous last words. Six months after saying goodbye to Benjie I received a surprise Valentine's Day gift in the form of a 9 week old puppy named Bode. Named after U.S. Olympic skier Bode Miller, mein hund (my dog) is the polar opposite of Benjie. I suspect he may have some old East German Shepherd in his blood. Bode is badass to the core, an independent thinker, rough and tumble, but I can't say "Ich liebe dich" (I love you) enough for this canine. Between his demands for a run or when he swats me with his paw because he wants to play fetch, I wouldn't change a thing. Bode got me practicing German phrases again when I started teaching him German commands as soon as he was three months old. His intensity is all right by me. So I am grateful for Benjie's goodbye because Bode was able to fill the void.

The same is true with people. This past spring and summer I met Joshua. He was a college athletic star, handsome, looked almost like the young Michael Weatherly on NCIS. Joshua had rustic blond hair and baby blue eyes. He had grown up in the Pacific Northwest and loved his dog as much as I adore my Bode. Something was up though with Joshua. Maybe its female intuition or just the inconsistencies that added up. I had a hunch early on, a gut instinct, that grew until our conversations turned into interrogations from me that would have made Gibbs on NCIS proud. A part of of me wonders sometimes what would have happened if we had met in the dog park to play Frisbee with our hounds. I am willing to bet money that Bode would have signaled to me that Joshua was bad news. He was not a bad person. He just had a lie that he couldn't hide. Long story short, Joshua fabricated his education and occupation to such an extent that for his sake, I hope for him that he didn't tell his employer the same story. Why? They would have cause to fire him for misrepresentation.

Joshua lacked a graduate degree but he claimed he studied forensic psychology in a Criminal Justice program. He also was not the high ranking forensic investigator specializing in uncovering financial malfeasance at major banking and investment institutions. Instead he was a rent-a-cop manager at a department store in the Bay Area. It didn't take genius to figure it all out. Just LinkedIn data in the public domain. So I said goodbye to you to Joshua and decided to be as suspicious as Bode the next time.

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