Thanksgiving buzzing with family to empty Monday


Thanksgiving buzzing with family to empty Monday
Managing the transition from a full to empty house calls for Your Personal Empty House Holiday!

I spent the day licking my emotional wounds as I finished the clean up. I knew that I needed a better plan for empty house syndrome. I vowed that I would do things differently the next time this scenario occurred. I came up with a plan. I would have a special day planned for the first empty house day after a family gathering…especially when all the kids left at the same time. I would treat that day as my own personal holiday where I rest, reflect, relish the memories and rejuvenate. As a side note, I have found that it is a much easier adjustment if the kids leave at different times. So for the last 3 years I have enjoyed amazing After Thanksgiving Empty House holidays. As Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season, last year I purchased tickets to Fioli’s Christmas Open House and Boutique for the following Monday. I went with a friend to see the beautiful Fioli mansion decorated to the hilt and purchased some new Christmas decorations. After a leisurely lunch, we headed back home. I entered a clean, quiet home, brewed a cup of fresh tea, put on some Christmas music, started a fire and put my feet up. I felt content, whole and at peace. While I had enjoyed the most recent invasion of the kids for Thanksgiving vacation, I was glad to have my house back. I was getting used to and enjoying the empty nest syndrome. I realized that I loved both aspects of my life. I loved the wild family times but I also appreciated my personal time and fulfilling my personal desires and dreams. Empty nest is a wonderful time to get back to your life after so much dedication to your kids and their busy lives. It isn’t the day to day empty nest that I find difficult. It is the first empty house day after a big family event that hits me in the gut. How about you? How do you feel when the kids leave after a family event. Do you have a plan for your Personal After Thanksgiving Empty House holiday? Please leave me a comment at and let me know how you deal with empty nest.

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