#PuppetProblems: 8 Biggest Elmo-Related Scandals


His most recent sex scandal is just one in a series of Sesame Street controversies.

Elmo sad — even thought his latest controversy, allegations of inappropriate sexual relations with an underage boy by his puppeteer Kevin Clash, have been recanted. Turns out Sesame Street's seen its fair share of scandals, with our favorite red monster at the center of many. One might recall a certain Katy Perry and a certain spillage of decolletage.

Turns out there are six others in what appears to be an unfortunate series of controversial episodes brought to you by the letters 'O', 'M', and 'G'. Click over to The Daily Beast to scroll through the entire list, if you feel like tainting the memory of your entire childhood. 'Tickle Me Elmo' will never mean quite the same thing again: Eight Biggest Elmo Scandals

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