How Caught On


How Caught On
Solo seemed supreme until a surprise book find led to Alex and Aggie's soulmate inspiration

Overall, I had a fantastic start with Alex and Aggie as my mental equivalent inspiration. So much so that my mind just started looking for more of the same because it was what I was focusing on. The more I observed the more I got confirmation that it was easy to find and keep a certain quality of relationship. As the objective observer, the data I collect only becomes more evidence of how easy and effortless it is to attract a soulmate and sustain a lifelong happy connection with them. Thanks Alex and Aggie,, and You were the first to teach by example but I'm glad that you two are not the last.

Confession: Before that day I found Kathryn Alice's book by accident (it was misfiled in the cooking section) I was 100% convinced that being part of a "committed couple" meant being locked up in a prison for life.

Lesson: Uninstall the bad, free up memory space, install the good, when it comes to your mind not your hard drive!

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