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How Evolved From
The mental equivalent in love complements of Alex and Aggie.

Fortunately, I get to hear Alex speak so well of Aggie every day when he updates me and others on their latest adventures as a couple. The way Hugh Jackman talks about his wife and interviews is similar to how Alex speaks of his Aggie. Of course he is very protective of her which is another wonderful thing to see. As an observer it reminds me of the saying, "love is patient and love is kind" in action. How did all this fortify my mental equivalent? Alex and Aggie reinforce by example that healthy loving partnership is real and very much possible and so much a good thing for both people involved. It's in the subtle and dramatic ways that Alex and Aggie demonstrate the respect to one another. They teach by their actions how fundamentally easy it is to have that kind of love. Whoever said love was hard work did not have the kind of mental equivalent that I am forming watching this duo. As I got to know both of them as a couple, even a jaded cynic like me has been converted. How did they do this? Three main ways: 1. I became a believer in partnership after having lukewarm beliefs about its value. 2. Having their example deleted the residual ambivalence in my psyche towards partnership. Now I see it as a happier state of being that brings a joy far greater than any fabulous solo lifestyle can 3. Alex and Aggie show how love can make you a better person and how safe and nurturing a partner can just be. Finally the most valuable aspect of knowing this couple is the cognitive association in my mind that a soulmate is nothing but supportive, safe, respectful, unconditionally loving and thoughtful.

Like I said before, in both subtle and dramatic ways, the mental equivalent derived from having these two in my life has become detailed and solid over the past 10 months. I've gone from just an intellectual concept to a visceral understanding that a partnership with a soulmate is not only a natural thing to expect but that it is a blessing in one's life. It's just a given to me now that a significant other would treat you like the best catch of their life. The key sign that the mental equivalent that has taken hold inside your psyche is this visceral knowing of how the partnership of your dreams makes you feel. I like to call it retraining your gut at its core. Always trust your gut but if you can't with certain areas of your life, it may be a hint to get a positive mental equivalent there. With respect to partnership, the mental equivalent that Alex and Aggie have helped me develop is having my gut instinct able to identify the behaviors to look for to evaluate whether someone is capable of forming a healthy long-term bond with another. I hope this makes sense. If not, keep reading the website and the remainder of this series on Alex and Aggie.


By the way, the idea for this series began when I sent Alex a link to a YouTube video for the song "Liebe Ist" by Nena and told him to send it to Aggie. My suggestion was impromptu and promted by his gushing over her. Talk about sharing the spark found on!

Lesson 4: Don't stop believing!


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