Dating Disaster: An Untimely Visit From Aunt Flo


nervous woman in bed
He was hot, English and rich; and I sort of forgot what time of the month it was.

Obviously I just faked it. Thankfully he finished soon enough so I didn't have to continue too long. We rolled over and lay there.

Tom broke the silence. "Um, did get your period? There's blood everywhere."


OH CRAP. I was so wasted and eager to have sex, I had forgotten all about Aunt Flo. The tricky thing about menses is that sometimes it seems like its gone, when in reality there's a little more left. Like a tube of toothpaste you have to squeeze really hard. I Went On A Date With A Guy Who Stank Like Hot Garbage

Even in the dark I could see the huge bloodstains all over my black and white French toile duvet cover. I had never been one to shy away from period sex, but not on my own sheets. They were not cheap.

"Um, well I thought it was done. Sorry!"

"I went down on you."

Hmmm, I had been hoping he would forget that. "Well it's kind of hot in a messed up way isn't it? Like a vampire. Vampires are really hot now." I mean what else was I supposed to say? "Sorry I exposed you to period blood?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

He was so blasé I began to wonder if I could get him to do it again. I was eager to test my powers of persuasion, even if he wasn't really that good. Besides the sheets were already stained, so what difference did it make now? Might as well wield the power that only a naked woman could have. This was way better than role-playing.

After almost no prodding, he went after me like a fat kid might a cake. Not only did I have a guy accidentally go down on me while I was menstruating, I got him to do it again!

Too bad about the comforter though.

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