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Technique makes the difference between online dating success or failure

5) Does the ease of online dating help or hurt the possibility of meeting a quality person? How are testimonials like Alex and Agatha possible through technology? Is it the site or the two people involved? Is there a pattern that you have noticed? POF simply makes it possible to meet people you are compatible with who you might otherwise never get the chance to meet. We lead increasingly busy lives, and people shouldn't feel like they always need to leave their love life up to the possibility of a chance encounter. POF literally allows you to take things into your own hands, matching you with people you are compatible with, giving you the option to browse through local singles you may be interested in, and even letting you know which single people on POF are actually physically near you! The bottom line is of course it’s the two people involved who make up each success story special, but it’s POF that essentially allows these happy endings to play out as they do - and we feel pretty good about that.

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