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Technique makes the difference between online dating success or failure

Online dating has flourished in the last few years. With hectic schedules and the frantic pace of modern life making it tougher to make time to meet new people, sites like are playing digital cupid. As part of a 10 session series on how to go from single to partnered, the series (originally published on covers how one pair, Alex and Aggie, found love on Thanks to an interview with Markus Frind, founder of, the relationship progression of Alex and Agggie's romance provides a template of how people can make online connections work. The following is an interview with Frind on how e-connections can bloom into a full fledged romance:

1) How come an e-connection can be just as real as an in person connection? When you connect with someone online, you can usually get a pretty good taste for their values, interests, and personality – which can translate into a very powerful connection between the right people! That said, meeting online is meant to facilitate meeting offline, so the initial connection is usually confirmed and hopefully elevated by a face-to-face meeting!


2) Is it possible to know if there is chemistry over the phone or chat? It is possible! If you have expressed interest with someone on POF and have decided to take your conversations to the telephone, it’s a natural progression! You get to hear the other person’s voice, have more in-depth and personal conversations – and organize a fantastic date of course!

3) What is the difference between an online dater who is honest versus someone who goes online just to collect e-flirts for their ego? The difference is in what they are ultimately looking for out of the experience! We have found that users who are open and honest in their intentions for a relationship will usually find just that. The best way to approach new online experiences is to go in with an open mind, be yourself, and trust your gut!

4) When making a connection, what are the key things to consider when writing a profile and reading another person's profile to optimize one's chances of it being a good potential? When writing your own profile, be honest! In a few paragraphs, touch on what interests you, how you like to spend your time, experiences that have helped shape you, or even a funny anecdote or personal story! The more you highlight your personality and what makes you unique, the more success you will have finding someone special who you are truly compatible with.

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