How Much Would You Pay For Mick Jagger's Love Letters?

Mick Jagger

Want to own the romantic love letters from Mick Jagger? It will cost you!

I suppose they're hers to do with as she chooses, but I find the whole move by Mick Jagger's ex, Marsha Hunt, to auction off his love letters to her rather sad. That's just what's happening next month in London, however.

According to The Guardian, the series of 10 letters sent in 1969 to Hunt will be on the auction block December 12. Jagger hand wrote them while he was filming the movie Ned Kelly in Australia. They reportedly reveal intimate details about the singer who muses in them about things like Emily Dickinson poems and his relationship with Marianne Faithful, whom he was also dating at the time. Sotheby's estimates they could go for as much as...

Find out how much at The Stir: How Much Would You Pay For Mick Jagger's Love Letters?

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