An Interview with Markus Frind, Founder of POF

By An Interview with Markus Frind, Founder of POF
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4. How is it that a perfect match can be found online sometimes instead of offline? People are spending an incredible amount of time online, and relying on the internet for many aspects of day-to-day life is now commonplace - so it’s only a natural progression for us to be looking for love online too. Online dating exposes you to people that you otherwise would never meet offline. In today’s fast paced world it’s getting increasingly difficult to meet people between our jobs and our small social circles, so POF provides a fun and efficient tool to meet people you want to interact with on the other side of the computer (and mobile) screen.

5. Do you have any explanation as to why some connections turn into real relationships and others fade without a meeting? People don’t make it from online to the face-to-face meeting for any number of reasons, depending on the individuals. Many times, bad timing or busy schedules are to blame. Other times, the intent of the users may be different, or one person is not feeling a connection as strongly as the other. And for the follow-up aspect of the duds? Replying with a “thank you” is always thoughtful, but not necessary. Realistically, you can’t be expected to respond to everyone. Focus your time and energy on those you see a possible future with.

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